An application designed to empower people living with disabilities.


Watch Connected

WatcHelp : an application for Autonomy

– WatcHelp is the first wearable scheduler designed with children and adults with cognitive impairment.

– Thanks to a very friendly user interface, it is easy to create a picture-based (and/or wordings), personalized daily activity schedule, agenda and memos.

– The unique recall function allows you to verify the action has been completed or not ( eg :are you at the doctor?), after 2 no answers the caregiver is alerted via his mobile phone and can take immediately the right action.

Mobile Application

Moreover WatcHelp has a memo function that can be used at any time during the day as an “help” function. I have lost my keys : this situation can cause a lot of stress, no worries, the memo function will remind you where to find the key or what to do. Any situation that has a potential high risk of anxiety can be added to the memo function and viewed easily.

Web Interface

Create and edit schedule, memos and sequential Watchelp from the Administrator interface, available from any web browser.



Activities schedule

Create and edit custom daily and weekly schedules from your smart phone or from or from our web platform. Easily create custom event icons using photos or words or pictograms from our library

– What is the activity, when does it start and stop, any tasks to be completed within the current activity?

– Is the activity being done : yes or no ? After 2 no answer alert to the mobile phone of the parent / caregiver


Understanding and following multiple daily tasks is an important life skill that is often difficult for children/ adults with cognitiv impairment : the agenda can help them to have at each moment a full overview of the day/ and enables them to know what is the next step in the day.



At any time, you can have acces to the memo function if you feel not confident or in a anxious situtation ( eg : I have lost my keys/ I missed the bus ..)


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