Autism, Alzheimer, Parkinson,

The same advantages :
Develop independence for people with disabilities
Lighten the burden on parents and professionals


The mobile app that enables autonomy for children and adults suffering from cognitive and mental disorders

WatcHelp will program a series of step by step tasks. The instructions come in the form of text, pictures or pictograms on a connected watch that vibrates to alert the users. They will respond in one click to instantly inform parents or professionals that they have received and followed the instructions.

The application is customizable and adaptable to every situation and for every age.

2,90 € / month / (first month free)

Test for free the first month, then pay a small monthly subscription.

WatcHelp will be shortly available in the Apple App Store and is already available in the Google Play Store.



They are managed by the parents or professionals to guide, reassure and develop independence.

Organize the daily tasks

The sequential is a module that organizes the daily tasks in the form of simple alerts to which the user will answer by “yes” or “no”. Pictograms can be used in the case of a child that cannot read.
Alerts will be raised on the parent or professional Smartphone if the user does not answer or answers “no” twice consecutively :

Overall view of the planning

This function makes it possible to consult all the tasks or appointments scheduled in the timetable. It reassures the users who can (at any time), have a comprehensive view of the planning. The user will know what to do or where to go during the day :

Manage destabilizing situations

Memo provides step by step solutions to overcome unplanned situations. It will reassure and guide the user to help overcome stress and panic. Situations could be for example ‘I missed my bus’ or ‘I lost my keys’ :

Create manual sequential

The memo feature can also be used to develop non automatic sequentials. The users will be able to scroll directly on their connected watch, and at their own pace, to view the various tasks to be realized. This is particularly suited to more independent persons who do not need to receive automatic reminders :

Create an image bank

Parents or professionals can build their own image bank in the memo function. Listed by by theme – food , toys, emotions … – the pictures will allow a non speaking person to show on his connected watch an image expressing a need or an emotion :

At home or on the go… How does it work ?

The user’s watch is connected to a Smartphone on which sequentials, schedules and memos are programmed. The instructions arrive on the connected watch in the form of images, pictograms or words. A callback function allows the parent or professional to check on their Smartphone that the task was carried out (or not).

The WatcHelp admin interface makes it easy to create or modify the various functions. It is available from any web browser and can be managed from a Smartphone, a computer or a tablet.


Why use a connected watch ? Because parents or professionals are sure that the users will wear them all day long: no risk of forgetting or losing it (unlike with a Smartphone or other devices). WatcHelp remains a discreet assistant that vibrates to signal a message. 

At home or in a medical home for the disabled
The connected watch and Smartphone communicate through a Bluetooth connection.

On the go, the users’watch and the parent/professional’s Smartphone connect thanks to a second Smartphone which the user carries with him (in their bag or in a pocket). The connection is made using 3G or 4G :

Choose your connected watch

WatcHelp has tested the app on the Asus Zenwatch 2

Découvrir et acheter

Watchelp is compatible with other connected watch models : 

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An app to gain autonomy
A big step for the handicapped and their families/helpers


At the origin of the development of the WatcHelp app, there is Estelle AST, mother of a child with autism. She has battled for many years to improve the autonomy of her son and people suffering from cognitive and mental disorders: Autism, Alzheimer, Parkinson, trisomy, TDAH…

“Our mission is to develop digital, customizable and affordable solutions, user friendly and available on connected objects in order to bring autonomy to those suffering from cognitive or mental disorders”.

Estelle Ast

A courageous mother

It all started at the top of a crane where Estelle AST shouts her anger against the arbitrary withdrawal of the special assistant who enabled her autistic son Allan to go to school. The young woman is proven right, but becomes conscious of the limited help she will get from the authorities.

From then on, she has only one objective: develop hers son’s autonomy so that he can, one day, live an independent life and fend for himself.

Children with autism tend to do best when they have a highly-structured routine. To help Allan manage the everyday tasks, Estelle creates a schedule with pictures that she pins on a wall. Allan consults the board to follow the routine. Astute, but not very practical!
From then on, Estelle worked tirelessly on developing an app to send instructions to a connected watch.

Thanks to the help of a young and invested developers team and the financial participation of other partners, Estelle launches the Androïd version of the WatcHelp App in February 2016.

She has since received several rewards, of which the Lepine, Ocirp Handicap and the Connected Health congress.

Today WatcHelp is shortly available for iOS and already available for Android users.

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Concours Lépine

During prestigious 115th international Concours Lépine, WatcHelp wins the Paris Chamber of Commerce prize :

Connected Health Monaco

Placed under the High patronage of S.A.S, Prince Albert II de Monaco, the second edition of Connected Health Monaco rewarded WatcHelp with the 1st prize – “CHM206 Award” :

OCIRP Handicap

At the 2016 edition of the Ocirp Handicap, Estelle Ast won the 1st prize in the category “Applied research and technology innovations” :


If our FAQs does not answer your questions, simply and send your query by email :

Is my connected watch compatible with the WhatcHelp app ?

>> Choose your connected watch

Do I need one or tow Smartphones to connect with the WatcHelp app ?

>> At home or on the go… how does it work ?”

Can I download my own images or pictograms ?

>> Check the video demo

Can children use WatcHelp ?

As early as two years old or as soon as the child can understand a visual instruction (image, symbols, pictograms…).

Are the compatible connected watches water-proof ?

>> Check on the connected watch fact sheet. 

Is WatcHelp compatible with iOS or Android users ?

WatcHelp is compatible with both iOS and Android and is available in the Google Play Store and shortly in the Apple app store.